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Grass Fed
Hormone Free
Antibiotic Free
Pasture Raised
Beef and Pork
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Premium Meats Raised From Start to Finish
on Mountain Pastures in
Wild and Wonderful West Virginia
Our Promise to you...
We sell only the finest meats grown from our best pastures, we take pride in our breeding, raising, and delivering, resulting in a product that is far superior in taste and quality. First, we start with the highest quality Breeds and genetics - all our cattle are Angus and our hogs are Large Blacks. This is noteworthy because other meat suppliers’ standards aren’t as strict as ours. Then, using the combination of superior genetics, humane farming practices, a high quality diet, and grass finishing, we produce meat products that are full of flavor, tender, juicy, and slightly leaner than grain finished livestock. Our cattle are fed a 100% vegetarian diet without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Strict standards dictate the humane handling of our livestock, providing a low stress environment throughout their lives. Our natural meat products have no artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives, or any other artificial ingredients.

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